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Meet the family behind Mabel's


Lauren Hurley

Founder / Operations

"I have been vegetarian my whole life, and when I started cooking for myself as a teenager, I started vegan-ising all my favourite dairy-based meals. I have been vegan ever since!

I'm passionate about food, travel, and most importantly - animals. I love Art & Design, and studied photography at University. I'm also a huge sports fan (mainly football!)"


Sophie Gorecki

Co-Founder / Marketing

"I was born in France, but moved to England to further my education when I was a teenager.

The UK is a lot more vegan-friendly than France, and so it was easy for me to switch to a plant based diet when I moved here.

I love collecting pets, travelling and food (ideally together!)"


Annie (Mama)

General Assistant

"I was retired before helping Lauren and Sophie grow their business.

Originally from France, I moved to the UK in 2023, and brought my famous crepe recipe with me.

I also pack all the orders, and help with most of the cleaning."

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Chief Barketing Officer

"I was living on the streets of Romania, before I was rescued by Silver Fox Dog Rescue. 

I'm what's known as a 'failed foster' and I now live with my foster parents permanently.

I spend my time sleeping, eating socks and barking at ants. I also help with local deliveries, so if you see me say hello!"

How Mabel's was born

Mabel's was created in 2019 by Lauren and Sophie, a vegan couple passionate about animal welfare, sustainability and making switching to plant-based alternatives easy for all. 

Tired of missing out on our favourite part of a roast dinner, the yorkshire puddings. Lauren developed a recipe that perfectly replicates the flavour and texture expected from the mainstream equivalent, delivering a golden crispy top and soggy bottom, ready to be doused in gravy. 

Selling locally at first, our growth accelerated very quickly through word of mouth and social media and we now wholesale to pubs, restaurants, independent shops, and retail direct to customers from our own website.

We are a small family business, and we pride ourselves in delivering great quality products and excellent customer service.

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